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Bonehorde Wraith

- January 29, 2023

This is a Bonehorde Wraith.. native to the world of Eos.

This is a Bonehorde Wraith, native to Mophedus, the lower plane of Eos. The Bonehorde is an unusual cabal of undead. They wandering the desolate plains of the plane of Mophedus that lies below Eos. They gather remains of other undead for reasons not fully understood.  Many of the Bonehorde wraiths are undead incarnations of very tall humans, some over 10ft tall. It is not known where these humans came from nor how they managed to grow so tall.  It is also a mystery as to how or why these enormous humans became wraiths.

Nearly all Bonehorde undead originate from Mophedus. However, they are intelligent undead and are capable of tactfully pursuing their victims over time.