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Deep Forest Troll

- November 7, 2022

I was looking for a model that would best reflect a Troll homebrew I created for an adventure I’m writing called, ‘Into Shadow Grove‘, which takes place in our new setting, Eos. These models from Epic Miniatures were perfect. This is the Deep Forest Troll. But what is that?

From the standpoint of ‘deep’, think about the Deep Gnome. They live in the very deepest caverns of the Underdark, where few other creatures dwell or ever travel. Even the Drow often times live above them. With respects to the Deep Forest Trolls, they roam in areas within very large forests or jungles that have vast areas covered in very dense vegetation.  There is so much vegetation in their habitat that few if any humanoids are able to travel through it without the means to do so. 

Deep Forest Trolls can navigate these heavily overgrown regions very easily. In addition, their physical features make them partially camouflaged in any heavily forested terrain with an abundance of wild plant life, and as such they have special abilities to ambush their prey when in these areas. 

Deep Forest Rot:

All its life, Deep Forest Trolls constantly roam through an enormous amount of dense plant life. Some of these plants contain toxins, and some are even mildly poisonous. Their tusks and claws are in constant contact with this vegetation and have nearly become one with the residue they produce. This residue then molds and rots and produces a highly toxic acid, which the trolls are immune to. This also gives the troll a strange, noxious stench like that of decomposing and rotting plants, algae and other such dead matter.

Deep Forest Trolls have evolved two large tusks that grow from their jowel, which they can attack with.

Deep Forest Troll:

HP: 88
AC: 15 Natural Armor
Attacks: The Troll makes 3 attacks with its tusk and claws, or one attack with its Bone Club.
Bone Club (3d6+4 bludgeoning damage)
Tusk (2d4+4 piercing damage)
Claws (2d6+4 piercing damage)

Blend into Plants: If the Troll is in a large, densely forested area and there is an abundance of vegetation, such as a rainforest, it gains advantage in attempts to hide in plain sight and ambush (surprise) their targets.

Deep Forest Rot: When the Troll hits with an attack using its tusk or claws, the target must make a DC 12 Constitution saving throw. If they fail they take an additional 2d4 acid damage or half as much on a success.


  • 7omm tall
  • Vallejo and Citadel acrylic
  • Matte varnished
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