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- January 2, 2023

Demogorgon, the strange, two headed demon from D&D was made even more notorious by the hit show, Stranger Things. Most serious D&D gamers know that the demon in the show is quite different than the demon in the game of Dungeons & Dragons. This bizarre monstrosity is part siamese ape, part reptile and all demon prince!   

This excellent model was designed by one the best miniature designers out there, Archvillian Games.

There are many illustrations of this demon, most of them quite different in terms of colors and overall stylistic elements. To me, Demogorgon is best represented visually on the cover of Out of the Abyss. I tried to capture that visual style in this paint job.

In terms of 28-32mm miniature gameplay, the model reflects Demogorgon’s actual size in D&D lore, which is 18-20 ft. tall. 

I put a custom base on the model that reflects a murky, lichen and mineral-covered, cavernous floor.


110mm tall
Painted with Citadel Acrylics
Matte Varnished

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