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New Fighter Subclass: Primal Warmaster

- D&D
January 2, 2023

Fighter: Primal Warmaster

You take both martial combat and your connection to the many dangerous animals that dwell within the wild, very seriously. You study the physical abilities of predatory beasts in order to inspire your combat prowess, and you have mastered ways to control, tame, fight and even emulate these creatures. Through your study and close kinship with them, your unique mastery of martial combat is infused with aspects of dangerous, untamed animals.

Beast Tamer

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, 1/short rest you gain the ability to Speak with Animals, as if the spell has been cast upon yourself.

You also gain the Whipmaster skills.

Starting at 3rd level

You add (+2) to damage roles as well as to any skill checks made with a whip. You are also able to wield a larger than normal whip, called a Greatwhip. Greatwhips deal (1d6) slashing damage, they do not have the finesse property, and use your Strength to wield.

Whip-inspired Versatility: 

Using the whip in combat improves your overall fighting versatility. When you wield a whip in one hand and a one-handed weapon in the other, you gain the Two Weapon Fighting style even if the one-handed weapon you’re wielding is not light.

Grasping Lash: 

As long as the target of this feature is within range of your whip, you can attempt a Grasping Lash to try and attach the whip to an inert object that is small enough for the end of the whip to wrap around. For example, a wooden beam, a chandelier. Make a DC 14 Athletics check. On a success, the end of the whip securely attaches to the object. As part of that same action you can then choose to swing, pull or climb as well as execute a special maneuver to unattach the whip from the object. 

Starting at 7th level
Primal Essence

Vicious Attack: 

When using the Whip-inspired Versatility Two-Weapon Fighting feature, you add an additional (7) points of damage to any critical hits made with the whip as well as the one-handed weapon you’re wielding.  

In addition, 1/Initiative you can take the disengage or dodge action as a bonus action.

Beastial Tracker: 

You have advantage to track beasts and monstrosities. You can also sense if any beasts or monstrosities are within 1 mile of you, and you sense their general location and how many there are.

Starting at 10th level
Vicious Subdue

1/Initiative, you may unleash the beast within you and use your whip to make an aggressive, precision strike against any creature within range that is no more than one size larger than you. On a hit, the Grasping Lash feature automatically succeeds and you can lure the target to within 5 ft. of you. The hit deals the normal whip damage + an additional 1d8 slashing damage, and as part of this action you can either successfully Grapple the creature or Shove the creature and knock it Prone. (Your choice)

Starting at 15th level
Command Beastial Monsters

Duration: 8 hours

1/Long Rest, you may call upon primal druidic magic to bring beasts and monstrosities under your control, even those controlled by others. As an action, you can choose one beast or monstrosity that you can see within 60 ft. of you with a challenge rating equal to or lower than your fighter level. That creature must make a Charisma saving throw (8 + Proficiency bonus + Your Wisdom modifier.) If it succeeds, the effect fails and you can’t use this feature on the target again. If it fails, it becomes friendly to you and obeys your commands until you use this feature again. 

As part of this action you may command the controlled beast or monstrosity to take its attack action against a target you choose within its range. 

Intelligent creatures are harder to control this way. If the target has an Intelligence of 4 or higher, it has advantage on the saving throw. If it fails the saving throw and has an Intelligence of 6 or higher, it can repeat the saving throw at the end of every hour until it succeeds and breaks free.

Starting at 18th level
Apex Predator

You embody physical aspects of dangerous apex predator animals. All Beasts of CR 4 or lower that can see you are Charmed by you. 

When engaged in combat, your walking speed, running speed, standing jump and running jump all increase by 10 ft. 

You gain permanent advantage on either Strength or Dexterity (choose one) skill checks and saving throws.

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