Frost Giant


This is an extraordinary miniature of a Frost Giant hunter. These huge, majestic, typically blue-skinned creatures live and roam in the snow covered mountains and caverns of the far north. This giant is armed with an ornate great axe, the Frost Giant’s favored weapon. The model shows snow and ice build-up on his skin, armor and axe to give the impression he was been walking in cold, driving snow, of which he is immune.

  • Hand-painted in Citadel & Vallejo acrylics
  • A gorgeous base featuring a dead rhinoceros and a wagon wheel against a dead tree branch, all covered in snow and ice
  • Height: 110mm



Hand-painted Frost Giant miniature at 28mm/32mm scale. The model is 3D printed in premium cast resin. Fully varnished in a matte finish.