The Ancient Fey Court of the Stars

The Court of the Stars is fey court found in the world setting, Wildlands: Where Twilight is Eternal. The idea behind the court is that this court reflects a revival of ancient, pagan, fey traditions.

Gloom Creed of the Wildlands

Gloom Creed are a “sect” of humanoids from the Wildlands, a new setting created exclusively by Michael Lye of the Dragon’s Cup.  In the Wildlands, the Gloom Creed sect of humanoids consists primarily of half-elves, pure elves, humans, satyrs, and some halflings. Who are …. the Gloom Creed? Gloom Creed are the most common peoples […]

The Vermillion Saga: A 5-Part D&D Adventure Series

The Vermillion Saga is a collection of exclusive adventure books for 5th Edition/One D&D.  The series takes place in a new world setting called, Wildlands: Where Twilight is Eternal. The collection offers 4 different books that each connect to form one long, epic adventure. Each book features a different story with different locations, environments, factions, […]

A New D&D Setting: The Wildlands of Eos

The Wildlands, where Twilight is Eternal The Wildlands is a new fantasy setting designed for 5th Edition/One Dungeons & Dragons. Prologue: A Brief Introduction to the Wildlands in the Black Age  Eos is a setting we created exclusively for the Vermillion Saga adventures collection. You should consider this world as a single large continent within […]

Introducing Bluebird Adventures for D&D

Bluebird Adventures is an independent publisher of creative adventures and campaigns for 5th Edition (and One) D&D. Bluebird Adventures was started by me (Michael Lye). I began gaming with my childhood friends way back in 1982 at age 12. Back then we used a checkerboard for terrain and we each had only one miniature model […]