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Minotaur of Mt. Golog

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December 4, 2022

When I first learned of Minotaurs, which was before I started playing D&D, I thought they were interesting monsters. Their stat block in the game makes them even more amazing. Minotaurs are wicked and interesting monstrosities. Imagine for a moment a 9 ft. tall, heavily-muscled human with hooves and the head of a feral bull. 

What I like about these creatures is its combinations of part human, part bull, part giant barbarian, and the fact they often live and dwell in the Underdark. The labyrinth lore is amazing, too. Minotaurs, like drow, prefer dungeons and areas of low light.  Interesting when considering what this monstrosity is physically. In addition, they are nearly incapable of getting lost, even when in a complex maze. Their instincts force them into a state of profound focus when hunting prey or trying to stay alive. Most Minotaurs are bred as fierce fighters in hand-to-hand battle. Minotaurs will never stop following, tracing, seeking and hunting. They cannot be stopped , ever … until they are dead.

I wanted this Minotaur model to reflect a creature that would be rare, and even heroesque’, a near giant-sized, legendary monstrosity that butchered with incredible power. I wanted to paint one that, when placed on the table, would be of epic scale.  This is an Epic Minotaur.

In context of 28-32mm tabletop gameplay, this minotaur would be considered roughly 14 ft. tall. Minotaurs typically are 8 to 9 ft. tall, according Forgotten Realms.® This is what I like about the model. It supports a truly legendary, ‘epic’ level minotaur. 

This model comes from Simon Miniatures in France. They are truly one of my favorite sculptures. Great designs!

Minotaur of Mt. Golog:

HP: 144
AC: 15
2 Attacks: 
Dual Greataxes (2d12+7 each)
1 Attack: Gore (4d8+7)

Relentless Determination: The Epic Minotaur context of 2



  •  80mm tall
  • Vallejo and Citadel acrylic
  • Matte varnished
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