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Frost Giant Skirmisher

- November 13, 2022

The earliest memory I have of a Frost Giant was from the cover of a Robert E Howard paperback called, “Conan of Cimmeria,” which featured the Frank Frazetta painting, “The Snow Giants.” Frazetta made this painting in 1968, before D&D was a thing. When looking at the giants in this amazing painting it’s easy to see the incredible influence Frazetta had on the game, which goes way beyond the Frost Giant.

In context of D&D monsters, the Frost Giant remains on my faves. Other than dragons and barbarians, there are few other creatures that embody the spirit of the game like the Giants, particularly a 25 ft. tall blue giant with a long beard, wielding a massive axe. 

Many D&D players are told that Cloud Giants are taller than Frost giants, but this is not entirely true.  Frost Giants can easily reach 25 ft, and even taller. Giants are, from the standpoint of physicality, very big humanoids. It would be silly to assume that every giant in a race are the exact same height. There are some who are considered a bit taller, larger. This holds true for any race, creed, kin, etc. 

A “tall” Frost giant can easily see eye-to-eye with a typical Storm Giant, despite the Storm giant being a more powerful  opponent. 

HP: 144
AC: 15
Two Attacks: Dual Axes (3d12+6 each)
One Attack: Rock (4d10 +6)
Fury: (1/long rest) For 1-minute, after the giant is hit with a melee attack, it can make one Axe attack as a reaction.


Sculptor: Asgard Rising
Height: 115mm 
Vallejo & Citadel acrylic
Matte varnished
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