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The Vermillion Saga: A 5-Part D&D Adventure Series

- Bluebird Adventures
January 30, 2022

The Vermillion Saga is a collection of exclusive adventure books for 5th Edition/One D&D. 

The series takes place in a new world setting called, Wildlands: Where Twilight is Eternal. The collection offers 4 different books that each connect to form one long, epic adventure. Each book features a different story with different locations, environments, factions, adversaries and objectives.

The complete series brings their characters from levels 1 to 15 from start to finish. However, because each adventure is written and designed with its own plot and storyline, they can also be played individually as shorter, stand-alone campaigns at their corresponding levels.


Wildlands is a whole new setting we are designing for 5th Edition (and “One”) D&D. This unusual, mysterious, foreboding world is dominated by fey, humans and tritons, as well as many other races and creatures commonly found in D&D.

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