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A New D&D Setting: The Wildlands of Eos

- Bluebird Adventures
January 29, 2022

The Wildlands, where Twilight is Eternal

The Wildlands is a new fantasy setting designed for 5th Edition/One Dungeons & Dragons.

Prologue: A Brief Introduction to the Wildlands in the Black Age 

Eos is a setting we created exclusively for the Vermillion Saga adventures collection. You should consider this world as a single large continent within the prime plane of the multiverse.  In a general sense, this setting shares some of the common attributes and creatures found in other 5E D&D settings.

Wildlands a single land mass. It is surrounded by vast but shallow dark oceans. The ocean to the west and north of the continent is blue and appears much like blue oceans found elsewhere in the multiverse. However, the ocean to the east is a shade of blue-green due to rich deposits of a mineral found in this region of the ocean bed.

This setting has two planar levels each mirroring (echoing) one another in the multiverse. Imagine Eos as being an upper plane, one that is filled with color and life, while the other, Mophedus, is the lower plane, and is filled with death, darkness and evil. 

The creatures that dwell in the world of Eos refer to this continent as the Wildlands.

Its mirrored plane lies below it in space-time and is called Mophedus. Both echo each other from a general geographical standpoint, however, they are vastly different in terms of natural environment, and the creatures that dwell within them.

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