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Introducing Bluebird Adventures for D&D

- Bluebird Adventures
September 14, 2021

Bluebird Adventures is an independent publisher of creative adventures and campaigns for 5th Edition (and One) D&D.

Bluebird Adventures was started by me (Michael Lye). I began gaming with my childhood friends way back in 1982 at age 12. Back then we used a checkerboard for terrain and we each had only one miniature model that was molded from soft pewter, and a few miniature monsters and beasts. Much of our gaming back then was “theater of the mind” and that was fine with us.

Times have changed, and while the fundamentals of the game remain the same, the introduction of 5E and the use of digital tech, D& and online play only further bolstered our love of the game.

Fast forward to today. I have created my own publishing label, called “Bluebird Adventures”, which will serve as the umbrella for all the creative writing I’m doing. This includes the new setting I’m creating, called the Wildlands. For this new setting I’m writing new 4-part adventure series consisting of 4 different, beautifully designed adventures, called The Vermillion Saga.

Read more about the Vermillion Saga here.

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