The Vermillion Saga

Hello and welcome,

Over the past 2 1/2 years I have worked incredibly hard to create an elaborate and imaginative, unique grimdark fantasy setting for my adventures. When I say grimdark,  I do mean.. dark. The setting as well as the adventures offer a truly dark and foreboding world to adventure through, with a climactic ending that ends with the creation of a new chapter in history. The style and flavor, if you will, of grimdark I’m evoking is what makes the setting and the adventures interesting and unique.

Forthcoming Kickstarter
Once the saga and setting are completed, I intend to create a kickstarter campaign to help fund exclusive illustration and art for the books and to make them available in premium hardcover edition. But first I need to build a following!

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Experience the grimdark, foreboding world of the Wildlands in the Dark Age setting in a 3-Book adventure saga that converges into one epic tale. However, each book can also be played as its own independent adventure with its own story and conclusion, and each with their own new concepts, races, subclasses, creatures, and magic.

Book 1: Into The Shadows

For character levels 1-10
Into the Shadows takes your party across the remote, grassy plains of Windslan and into a mysterious, partially flooded, dead, dark forest, parts of which contain no light at all. Once infiltrated they must find and seal a hidden segue, and stop a faction called the Shadow Oath from establishing a secretive power base in the region.

Book 2: Flames of Makkras

For character levels 10-17
The adventure continues as the party must learn the origins of the wickedly-horrific, apocalyptic magic discovered at the end of Book 1: Into the Shadows. The party adventures through the war-torn, ultra-violent region of Hauth to Morgun’s Mantle, an active volcano, below which lies an ancient and wicked subterranean city. Here they must infiltrate the domain of Makkras, a Demon and brutal overlord of Seerathest, to try to put an end to his profoundly evil, arcane empire.

Book 3: 1427 Cross

For character levels 17-20
In the final conclusion to the Vermillion Saga, designed for epic characters, the party must crossover into the lower plane of Mophedus (the vile underworld) to locate and try to defeat an immensely powerful, evil faction with world-ending plans of destruction. The ending brings the party to level 20, when the characters can obtain an epic boon of unimaginable, god-like power to try and stop global annihilation. If they are successful, their heroic deeds will save the world and usher in a new period of world history.